Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pleasing men!!! Not as easy as it seems

Recently it was my husband's birthday. Birthdays are fun, but they bring along some anxiety with them.

The million dollar question- What present shall I get him?

I can brainstorm this issue and still never arrive at a satisfying conclusion.

So lets begin..

If your husband is finicky- you can not buy clothes, shoes etc etc (if he doesn't wear it, I will feel bad)

If he is tech savvy- then he knows what is the best thing to buy, read all the freaking reviews and even know a better place to get a decent deal.

If you had earlier asked him to prepare a wish list (I tried that too), then all the things were so expensive (I could not spend that much money).

If your husband prefers tangible things, then all other ideas such a surprise trip, and other fancy ideas can be thrown out as well. (Last time I bought him a package of guitar lessons, I am not sure if he thought it was the best present).

If you are too finicky then you dont want to be repetitive and give something similar to what you may have given earlier.

I think that gifts are over rated and exaggerated.

Whoever has a special day can have the privilege of buying themselves what they want.

I have finally realized that this is the best strategy.

But some how I wanted to put in some effort- so I got a nice cake... and I am working on making a scrapbook. Inexpensive presents can be very meaningful and reflective.

What I learned, is that somehow we are so caught up in constantly thinking about what the other person wants, rather than taking a moment to realize we want to give.


Prabhu Dutta Das said...

Your final statement kind of super ceded the platform.... Maybe thats why most of the best things are unplanned!!

Shwets said...

I agree, we always makes things far more complex that they are supposed to be. Thank you for leaving your comment.