Sunday, January 13, 2008

Colts-- hmmmmmm

I am in state of shock, well the shock is wearing off slowly but still, the COLTS loss to Chargers today was very disappointing...

Could we have played better, I think so. May be I am one of those fans who is only satisfied in a win (may be not a true fan then), but we failed to deliver as a team in the crunch time.

Sports psychology man, I think it really counts. Coming from the bottom, and then clinching a victory is not a very common trait to possess. " Confidence " .... may be Manning could work on.

When we lost, I was feeling like one should stay away from attachment. But no ya... life goes on.

Colts you rocked.. Hopefully better performance next time.

However it makes me realize how good TOM BRADY is. Like Shailesh says " with Patriots you have to play all 4 quaters".

However I am enjoying my interest in Football. A sport I could barely make sense of a year ago.

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