Friday, June 20, 2008

I am a loser!!!!!!!!!

I have never been a fan of video games... I think we had a Atari growing up, but I was never attracted to it. In fact I always found it a waste of time. However my husband does not share my views.. (isnt that obvious, when do couples agree not to agree on something).

Veeru, devoted (wasted) a lot of time playing video games in school, but somehow after marriage, my constant hammering had made a dent in the amount given to it. On his last birthday he bought a playstation and on my birthday he bought me a Wii (isn't it a wonderful idea to gift your spouse something u want). I guess as relationships grow older people start to become more of themselves... Which means that Veeru is playing more and more video games nowadays. And I think I am okay about it....

But what has happened is that I myself am spending some time with the Wii.

Well whatever the story is, and how much I hate to admit, Wii is amazing. Its so easy and user friendly and easy and it makes a non-gamer feel very powerful when they able to do good on the Wii.

So I played tennis (I love tennis). I did well. I played other stuff but for a long time I avoided to look at the Mario Galaxy or Mario Racing stuff (I categorized them as traditional video games.... and I was not going there).

Somehow, as Veeru kept praising Mario Galaxy so much that I thought I will try my luck. And to my horror, I enjoyed it. Seriously the graphics are good (All you PS3 people I know you have better graphics), and it is a lot of fun.

Now coming to the statement " I am a loser". Well I am, after moving up to a certain level, I am not able to complete the level where there are Mandibugs. Damn it, I am not able to kill them. I have tried, tried again and tried again, and given up. Seriously those damn bugs made me feel like a loser.

I could never believe that video games could do this to my self-esteem. I haven't touched my Wii since 3 weeks. Veeru says " Patience" is important. So I am trying to build patience then I can attack those mandibugs.. It makes me feel like a bigger loser, when I see Veeru do it so easily in front of my naked eyes... Haha ha ..

Well this blog was cathartic.. I feel better.