Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Wow Its almost been 2 months since I wrote on this page of thoughtless ideas. A few of my friends reminded me that I haven't put anything new... that means some of you are reading my nonsense..

I have thought of jotting down some lines many times... but I guess these thoughts were not strong enough..

These 2 months of summer have been bliss (with many interrupted by strong thunder storms). I have not seen such lightening before. And there was an earthquake too. I was alone in the house and I got up too. As my PANIC threshold in very low... I panicked and the rest is history.

What else.. I visited Detriot in May. It was nice, may be only for spending 2 days max. We went to the Casino and as played good amount of Blackjack. We won lots and finally left when we lost it all.

In June I also attended a ballet done by the Gregory Hancock Dance theater group in which they performed on songs of Devdaas, Lagaan. It was a delight. The performers were all white but they infused bollywood as much as they could in their ballet. However what impressed me most was their performance on a couple of Telagu songs. God I could not understand a word, but the beats were awesome. I have heard that Telagu junta is very possesive of their movies, actors and music. And why not Guys... the music was amazing. The steps were full of jhutka mutka.. full of life.

This past two months my brother and me were also busy over the phone regarding my sister's admissions. She just graduated high school. College admissions is India is whole another story. So much disorganization, lack of information, disappointments, too much reservation, too high cut offs, and above trying to decipher Mumbai University on the web.

Man, Mumbai... you need to centralize admissions, and please use the web more often. Finally my sis has joined a National Law School in Raipur. 5 years.. too much studying. I don't even know if she knew she wanted to be a Lawyer.... There is so much to think about the educational system in India and how one is forced to make career choices , not being totally informed.. and to top it all many decisions are irreversible.

This past weekend we went camping with another couple. It was great great fun... I also realized it is a very inexpensive way to have to getaway.. especially when you have kids..

I am a big Bollywood fan, but always prided myself in not spending a dime on it.. I mean I wouldn't buy posters.... etc etc.. But this coming August I am going for the Amitabh Bachchan Concert in Chicago. Lately I have become a big fan of big B. I loved him in Sarkar Raj. So I thought why not go for this one.. I hope that it will be a lot of fun.

So much for updates.. and I have also posted 3 blogs.... too much writing today.

Jaane Tu................

Jaane Tu is a very pleasant watch... Please watch it guys.

I am not sure why it didn't hit the theaters in my city.... Love Story 2050 (no comments... you know what that means) is in the theaters now.

I loved Jaane tu.. every one must have read the reviews so no use for detail. But its light, fresh and predictable...

Romance is always a great watch especially when movies don't force other angles (action, drama, death, separation, family issues, rich poor... blah blah) in the movie.

The movie focuses only on the relationship and that it its USP.

Can I be a sports Psychologist?

Well this is precisely the question my husband asked me " Shweta, Do you think that you can be sports psychologist?".

This question was popped to me while we both were engrossed watching the "Federer-Nadal Wimbledon Finals". Now you may wonder how this question came about.

Well when everyone was watching Federer struggle to match Nadal's mighty strokes, I wasn't. Truly. I was huddled in my bedroom crossing my fingers. I was pacing up and down from the living room to the bedroom and from bedroom to living room. And Poor Virendra, his job was to shout the score every time the point was played (Yaaa he is nice!!!!). I was praying, but God could not answer my prayers because Nadal deserved to win.

Anyways coming back to the question, I told Virendra that "NO" I cannot ever become a sports psychologist. I will be much more emotional than the player and may be the player will land up giving me counseling instead. I am still feeling bad for Federer. And to top it all everyone is saying that Federer is gone... GONE... dude (my brother) he is # 2.

Is no 2 not good enough. Well technically he still number one..

Well this blog is really not about Federer, but my inability to control my emotions about sports. And to top it all, I am going to watching the Cincinnati Tennis Finals. Sitting in the stadium I won't have anyplace to run if my player is losing. I can totally imagine myself. My head buried down somewhere... haha ha what a sight.

When colts lost.... they damaged me.. LOL.

Coming to football, I am eagerly waiting for the NFL.