Monday, February 2, 2009

Is Danny Boyle our national representative???

Give the man a break... ever since Slumdog Millionaire made it big in awards circles.. suddenly everybody has a opinion on the movie and they want to express it right through the media.

I have been following debates over whether Slumdog does India any good.. is it only a gimmick....

Does it selectively highlight India's filth and backwardness....

Is it a foreigner's perspective on showcasing India..

Somehow when I saw the movie.. I loved it. Probably I saw it much earlier that it caught all the hype for bagging most of the awards..

I found it very entertaining, positive and full of great performances.

As a social work student in India, I have visited the slums (Jhuggi Jhopri as they call in Delhi) for my field work. I am surprised as to how well the director captured the appropriate characterization of slums.. there was no exaggeration in depicting the slums.

Isn't slums a reality in India..
Isnt child labor a reality in India..

And anyways its a movie.. Its not documentary that aims to project India in its true light..

We never make a big deal when Karan Johar makes a movie in which almost all Indians live in palaces.. wear wierd heavy clothes all the time, or for that matter that NRI's live in palaces in the states and are so loaded with money and servants .

We see it as a movie so why not accept Slumdog as a movie.

Agreed .. that the international recognition it has recieved has got people asking all sorts of questions.. that is India really like this, are we so bad to children.. is there nothing good in India.

However we should like or dislike the movie "judging on the merits of the movie alone", not because suddenly that it is lapped up by the western media..

Coming to the point of potraying India's filth.. aren't we all aware of it. It is not a lie.. Its just that we are closet critics of India....

Its a hypocracy.. Its like saying that if an Indian makes a movie on the racial divide happening in the USA,... then the Americans will cry foul and say that the movie is a sham.. there are many good things to showcase about the US so why depict the ugly.

When I saw the movie.. I could get beyond the way the children acted. The director has brought the best in their acting.

I feel bad that they are not here attending any award functions.. they truly were the best.. especially little Jamal.

I understand people's perspective that India has many strengths despite its weakness.

That is true and there is no denying that..

But in the end.. let our prejuicide not come in the way on how we can enjoy a well made, beautifully enacted movie..