Friday, January 18, 2008

2 days .........and no work

My husband left yesterday for out of station on an office visit. This meant that I was alone in my apartment for 2 days and 1 night.....

Well what does that leave me with.

Finally some alone time..... or back to bachelorhood days (as my husband teased me) or that I will be eagerly waiting for him to return, counting every hour?

Yes, counting every hour is precisely what I did. And as I am writing it, I am truly ashamed of it.

I suddenly had this feeling that just because one spends all their time with their partner or is habituated to living with someone, it is hard to go back to being one your own..

I told my husband that it is hard to imagine how people live alone. And then he said to me that living alone is not a problem, but once you get into the habit of living with a partner, then it is hard to go back to living one.

This reminded me of a lecture on social psychology in my undergrad that for people who have not been in love, Love is not a big deal. But for someone who has experienced love, love definitely has much more meaning or significance for them.

Bottom-line... I think habits a bad. Be it cigarettes, alcohol or a partner. Don't lose yourself to it.

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Mukta said...

I agree with you "Shwets" :) Habits are bad, but not all of cannot compare or relate a habit like wanting to be with your partner/loved one with a habit (..rather an addiction)to cigarette, alchohol..right? there are several examples of habits that we can think of, that can be tagged as good, or a custom, if I may..being addicted to them is bad..atleast my perspective is such..I agree to your point that finding it hard to live alone for a day or two, isn't really the way it should be. But that also proves that wanting to be with your partner (always) is neither your habit nor your addiction, but simply your love!