Sunday, January 20, 2008

My brother's defense on beautiful Indian girls (His writing)

Let me tell you a story related to India. No it is not related to Information Technology nor a tale on the land of fakirs or Taj Mahal or Gandhi for that matter. It is about beautiful girls from India, and my attempt to convince my colleagues That they truly are Indian.

It started when I forwarded the email I received, carrying the Kingfisher calendar (featuring the beauties from India) to my friends. So my white friends reacted that "they look like any people in the world" “…Well I countered with “Why is so difficult to accept these girls as Indian.” It seemed as if my friend wanted to say that “no you guys cannot be that beautiful”.

It struck me that my friends had a narrow view about a billion people, and that I should help them better understand that these dames are truly and purely Indians, as I am or technology support girls working in the office are, likewise they are “Indian” models.

“Ah no” …well “mixed breed was what they were most ready to concede……My irritated state tried best to put down the mixed breed argument and stated that being an Indian I know these girls well (not really) and you can just simply agree to that since you don’t know much about the billion + population. And not the majority but there are beautiful (pure Indian) girls too so don’t be sure about your judgment.

One of them said Ohhhh common, We have so many Asian here who are Americans so they call themselves Asian Americans like wise they might be “middle eastern Indians or may be Oriental Indians even better Asian Indians” for that matter . I wasn’t so sure how to answer them as India is not a country of immigrants and we just have Indians and Anglo Indians and we can mostly make out who is what.

Another argument was just mind boggling. These girls are so beautiful that some white man may have slept with some one in their ancestry. And boy, don’t mind as India was under British occupation for a long long time and no one comes forward to tell the truth about these matters. It is common here too , if here somebody got pregnant but married other guy, then who would know about the fathers original father .

Tell me about it…you can only have all this drama between white skin people. But let the girl carry a baby of an African American boy and marry a white guy, I bet even a blind person would have an opinion about the father of the kid by just touching the hair. Quite similar logic applies to Indians too. I just thought my friends are truly American and they know least about any other place.

I did not realize how the conversation became an argument and took such a shape after all I just wanted my friends to see some beautiful Indian girls. I am not too sure but after the outsourcing, IT, economy etc, people don’t want to look at too many things that have “Made in India” tag.

None the less, Guys incase you know anything about the kingfisher models (Deepti Gujral, Sheetal Menon, Moni Kangna Dutta, Shruti Agrawal, Preeti Desai, Melissa Mehra and Tamara Moss) background/heritage/something..just share with me as it would make my friends really happy.