Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My trip to Chicago

This is about my trip to Chicago during the easter break. My brother's friends had decided to meet up at a club and he said that we come along as well. My husband and me are acquainted with a few of his friends but not that well, so we were apprehensive about going. But I had a great time there. There were about 7 girls and all of us danced together, no boys. Wow... it reminded me of college times. It was a lot of fun. So I think that next time we go out here in Indy, we girls can have fun on our own. And that makes me thinking that when will have our girls' nite sleepover again. The last one was so much fun. So my friends if you are reading this lets plan on one soon. Girlfriends are indispensable.

Chicago reminds me of another funny incident. We all had gone to the signature lounge in the Hancock tower for a drink. I had heard that the view from up (95th floor) there is great, and why pay to watch chicago from SEAR's Tower when you can have a drink at the signature lounge. Well even though I had been up the SEAR's tower, another view of Chicago from up-above never hurts. Since it was a saturday, there was along line for people going to the lounge. When we reached, all seating near the windows (a window table is a great place to sip a cocktail) were gone, and we didn't want to wait for any other opening. So we sat at a table in the middle of the room. People were getting up, going to the glass walls, peeping down on Chicago, and coming back to their chairs.

There was this couple seated on a table next to the wall. The guy had ordered a Champagne and I think that he was there to propose to his girl. The girl was dressed for the occasion. It was amazing how people create their own space while being in a crowd. The guy was holding the girl's hand etc etc.... However there was an Asian family, not Indians, who were standing (literally towering) over their table to get their photograph being clicked against the backdrop of Chicago skyline.

They seemed interesting a little unusual so we were looking at them. We were feeling a little bad that they were disturbing the couple on their big day. And they were posing for the photographs, posing again and posing again and I think that they never stopped clicking photographs. They were blissfully unaware that they were barging into someone's private space and ruining their evening. Now come'on, from how many angles can you capture the view of the SEAR's tower. At one point, you will saturate. But I don't think that they had that feeling. It was as though they were hell-bent on getting their money's worth.The guy gave the ring to his girl with two people standing over his head. The girl accepted the ring with two people (plus a baby) looming over her head. I am not exaggerating, the asian family stood in the same spot, and clicked photos against the same backdrop for around 25 minutes. Made we wonder how much does the 'third world people' still hold on to our "Survival of the fittest" motto and always on the move to getting maximum output.


Meenakshi said...

Was waiting for you to write something new....i can totally imazine the situation near the table by reading your blog..and I'm laughing reading it.

S said...

ha ha ha seriously one can imagine it. Thanks for leaving the comment .