Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Different ideas that I wanted to blog about

It's been so so long since I wrote something on my blog. Its not that I didn't have ideas but I didn't think they had enough substance....

Like I wanted to write about Jodha Akbar- there were such mixed feelings. Such a long movie, but I couldn't blame the actors. I think that the director was to blame for he thought that every thing he directed was so precious that it could not be edited. I think that some scenes could have been taken off. Also there wasn't any coherent theme in the movie. It was a good buffet... but don't we always get tired of buffets. It wasn't clear if he wanted to demonstrate Akbar's greatness, Jodha's strength of character, the love between Jodha-Akbar, the political instability at those times, etc etc.... Anyways Jodha Akbar is long gone and most people I have known have liked it...

Then my friend had said that she was waiting for me to write about JUNO. After I watched the movie, I didn't have enough motivation to write. I had heard so much about the movie that frankly I didn't feel ga ga over the movie. Its a good DVD watch. Also it is directed by the same guy who directed 'Thank you for smoking'. I liked his earlier movie and Juno is good as well. The manner is which teenage pregnancy was handled was very positive. No blaming the victim, a supportive family environment, available resources etc etc.

I also wanted to write about the winter. I think that I will pull myself and write about that.

What else-- ya I also wanted to write about the anxiety that I faced when my sister was giving her boards. Wow.... there is just so much pressure. She is done with that and there is even greater anxiety about where next? The expectations on children put them through a lot of stress and I think that guardians sometimes blur the fine line between being supportive and encouraging to being over-encouraging (for lack of a better word). My sister's very good friend's cousin brother committed suicide in Pune a few days back. She has been so troubled after hearing it. She repeatedly said that how can someone have the courage of hanging oneself by the fan. After hearing this I suddenly wondered if I ever crossed the line between being supportive and over-zealous sister wanting her sister to excel.

I also wanted to write about my friend's daughter sanskriti..... Every time I see her she makes me so happy. Trust me that child is divine, there is just so much peace surrounding her (touchwood). She gives the word Tranquility a face. We all have so much fun playing with her, and not once does she makes us realize that she does not like our company. She smiles in between letting us know that she is reciprocating our feelings....

And yes, I wanted to write about a few incidents of my trip to Chicago .. so will do that on a new blog.

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