Tuesday, April 1, 2008

This winter did not get to me this time

Come November, and I get the november blues. I think of the next 6 months that will be spent whining about the cold, we being confined to the house, and basic restrictions on many "things to do". The gloomy weather got to me last year, and I think that I was suffering from seasonal depression. No sun, no fun.

However this season was very different. It is the end of march and the winter is no where out-of-sight. We friends often discuss how long the winter has been, and how cold it is. And I dont know why my view would stick out as a sore thumb from the groups. I would say, it hasn't been that cold, its okay......

At home I asked my husband then, that has the winter been that bad this year? He said "No".

I was wondering why the winter did not get to me this time. Actually this winter My husband and me decided that no matter how cold it is, we will not stay indoors. we will go out in the evenings like the way we did. And thats precisely what we did. And somehow now that spring is knocking at our doors I realized that the long treacherous winter is gone.

Unfortunately for us, when we went to Chicago over Good Friday weekend, it snowed like crazy. We still decided to move around, and did not let the snow get the better of us. Well probably thats one thing I admire about Chicago (or may all big cities). People don't stop doing their things because its too hot or cold.

I think that it was my personal battle against the winter, and I won it this time. Last year I lost miserably.

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