Tuesday, February 26, 2008

When will the blogging bubble burst?

The idea of this article came to my mind so long back that I don’t even know if I will remember the facts clearly…. Well on our last trip to Borders I picked the GQ magazine to give me company while I slowly chipped at toffee and macadamia nut cookie (trust me, it was heavenly). I was pleasantly surprised that the GQ magazine held my interest much longer than I anticipated.

Anyways getting away from the distractions, let me come to the point. I began to read an article on blogging. I don’t remember the title too well, but it spoke about blogging in a negative light. Being a budding blogger, I immediately took to the article.

The article said that the blogging bubble would soon burst. When Justin Hall (yes the first blogger) started his internet diaries (as Wikipedia refers it as) in 1994, this movement has since seen rapid and exponential growth. Justin Hall soon started writing intimate details on his blogs, I am not sure if he is still actively blogging.

Blogging gave the common person a voice and it lead to the democratization of the internet. GQ article quoted that there are approximately 106 million bloggers currently and more than 200 million bloggers have called it quits. Even as these numbers sound formidable, the article said that the blogging bubble would soon burst.

Yes, it said that blogging gives the common man an unfair advantage as it makes it equivalent to science. “Who is interested in personal histories of bloggers, their intimate details, what they had for breakfast etc etc”. “How long can people sustain their interest in blogging”. “Its more like a hobby from which one will move on”.

As I read these statements, I find that there is truth in them. How long can personal histories engage us? However I don’t think that all blogging boasts of just personal histories. I enjoy reading what some interesting people have to offer. And if I don’t like it then I can just close the webpage.

But I surely understand the threat that blogs do eat our time that we may have given to “scientific stories” “news” or “useful things”.

Whatever the outcome,,,,, I think that Blogging is self-sustained community that has a lot to offer.

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