Monday, February 4, 2008

Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander--- the stars aligned for the Giants.

When the Patriots took to the podium after a shocking loss to the Giants, they echoed the truth. As Rodney Harrison said, “Nobody can take the credit away from the Giants today, they were the better team on the field and they deserve the victory. However it is the truth that the Patriots have had an unbelievable season and their 18-1 season will go down in history well remembered.”

As we can carry on to debate, whether the Giants’ conquest was a “major upset” or a “great win”, I am just too thrilled that Giants did it. I somehow hoped for it and I am so so happy that it happened. It wasn’t a fluke either, the Giants were gathering momentum all along and the finale saw it delivered.

Eli Manning was backed defensively and he delivered offensively.

I was just so thrilled to see Peyton Manning jubilant.

The Patriots are famous for pulling through a close win coming from behind when the last few minutes are ticking away, but today was not their day. The stars aligned for the Giants…

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