Thursday, January 22, 2009


Ya ya yaa.. I know its late to write about new year resolutions now, We are almost a whole month into 2009.

However, I just wanted to pen down my thoughts on New Year Resolutions.. I think I must have made at least a million resolutions, may be just not New Year but you know.. like from next month... from tomorrow, from next monday and the list goes now.

And its no secret that I haven't kept any of my resolutions. Losing weight and studying harder... is I guess I always resolve to do in mind.. but I am not sure how it translates into action.

This year was very different. I didn't feel like having any NY resolutions. I realized that we make resolutions when we are lacking something we want to achieve. We only foresee the result that we want to obtain, and we make a resolve about achieving it.

I have always said that I would like to lose 20 pounds (okay.. may be I need more, but lets stick to 20 for now). For a day I remember it and the next day its gone. I never paid attention to the process of getting the result or keeping up with my resolution. I never prepared myself on how to stick to my plan, keep going despite failures, handle a success (like gorging on an icecream just because your weighing machine is nice to you one day).

When I made the resolution, did I even check my motivation level.. or my readiness to change (stages of change... important theory in social work).

It can not be a miracle that on the eve of New Year all good things will align for me and help me stick to my resolution.

Its only a date... It does not have the power to change my lifestyle...

So this year I was low key on making resolutions but attempting to make small changes in lifestyle.

I also had another thought in mind that I would rather have a happy ending that a great beginning. Year 2008 ended on such a pleasant note for me that I didn't feel like wishing for a great beginning to 2009. I am sure it will be great if I work at it.

My husband always had never believed in resolutions. He always says start now... and I was like "next sunday".. "tomorrow".. LOL. I guess I will start listening to him from next month..

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