Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Audacity of Hope


What a night it was. History was made for the right reasons. I felt proud being associated to this election through my television, through the free flowing discussions in my college corridors, through the hush-hush conversations at my desk at office.

As a commentator on CNN rightly reported "It is the triumph of FEAR over Hope"

When I was new to this country I was often surprised to see the number of fear tactics used by people in power to influence the public. I in no way undermine peoples' grief and shock over devastating events 7 years ago, but living in fear and spreading fear is not the right path to take to overcome it. To have color codes for terror and attune peoples' mind by fine tuning color codes is no way to lead the country.

For me the most important thing that I took away from this election, was not which ideology prevailed, BUT THAT IT WAS AN ELECTION OF THE PEOPLE.

So many people voted, and they did not think "does my vote count, what is one vote going to do". They did not put a discount on their votes. Each person felt that they made a valuable contribution and YES their vote was valued.To see so many young people motivated and participating in the elections has been something we can all learn from.


This brings me to the point that we often express among discontent amongst our peers from India over the state of politics in India. We so proudly claim that politics is dirty and gone beyond the point of no return.


I have never voted in my country and infact been very dismissive of the electoral process in my country. However if I have never really partcipated in the elections , what right do I have to criticize it. I am as good as a cynical relative (Ya, we know we atleast have one of those) who just criticize because they have to.

Congratulations America


Virendra Mohite said...

Good post babe! Keep it up!!

Yeah....doing our bit is much better than standing on the lines and criticizing the players.

Shekhar's Zone said...

Good compilation of thoughts. It has been an historical election. Each vote does count - both in America and in India - that's democracy - I am kind of reminded of the time when Atal Bihari Vajpayee lost the no confidence motion by a single vote.

S said...

Shekhar, Thank You for your comment. I agree with you on this ..