Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Can I be a sports Psychologist?

Well this is precisely the question my husband asked me " Shweta, Do you think that you can be sports psychologist?".

This question was popped to me while we both were engrossed watching the "Federer-Nadal Wimbledon Finals". Now you may wonder how this question came about.

Well when everyone was watching Federer struggle to match Nadal's mighty strokes, I wasn't. Truly. I was huddled in my bedroom crossing my fingers. I was pacing up and down from the living room to the bedroom and from bedroom to living room. And Poor Virendra, his job was to shout the score every time the point was played (Yaaa he is nice!!!!). I was praying, but God could not answer my prayers because Nadal deserved to win.

Anyways coming back to the question, I told Virendra that "NO" I cannot ever become a sports psychologist. I will be much more emotional than the player and may be the player will land up giving me counseling instead. I am still feeling bad for Federer. And to top it all everyone is saying that Federer is gone... GONE... dude (my brother) he is # 2.

Is no 2 not good enough. Well technically he still number one..

Well this blog is really not about Federer, but my inability to control my emotions about sports. And to top it all, I am going to watching the Cincinnati Tennis Finals. Sitting in the stadium I won't have anyplace to run if my player is losing. I can totally imagine myself. My head buried down somewhere... haha ha what a sight.

When colts lost.... they damaged me.. LOL.

Coming to football, I am eagerly waiting for the NFL.

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Virendra Mohite said...

Federer is no doubt a better tennis player than Nadal is every aspect - Natural talent, ease of play, timing and above all humility. Players should not be remembered for their wins but rather for how they played the sport.
Nadal's hardwork paid off this time and will continue paying off as long as he can maintain the form. I dont feel too bad that Federer lost coz I know next Final will be even better. These guys are creditable for raising the bar in Tennis to such a level.