Tuesday, May 6, 2008

AMU---- Give it a watch

I recently watched the movie "Amu". And I loved it. This movie captured many of my experiences across different phases of my life. Before getting into that, let me just say that this movie is worth a watch. Konkana as usual, brilliant. The guy cast opposite her (Ankur khanna, ya I think thats his name) is cute too. The best part of the movie is that it is shot in actual locations and nowhere do you feel that the characters are placed in sets, they just belonged I felt. The movie dragged at places but a DVD watch never hurts.

For all gals who have studied in DU, you will be effortlessly transported into the Delhi where we lived some precious years of our lives. Yes, Meenakshi (I know you read my blog) there is Miranda House, there is mention of Chacha's bhatura, Blue line buses, there is Dilli haat and on the whole the flavor of Delhi. I never thought that I will say I miss Delhi.

The movie also captured many issues relevant to social work. They actually shot in Delhi slums, and I could actually visualize myself doing field work in the jhuggis. Man, I would be totally lost during my field work projects. They even showed street plays.

I really felt comforted seeing Delhi, as the way I lived it. May be its because I am mostly surrounded by people from Mumbai at present, that I have no body to discuss my experiences with.

This movie even took me back to my school years. I saw Tara's name in the credits (Tara Roy). I felt proud knowing her as a friend years back.

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Meenakshi said...

Girlie...i do read your blog and i just love it. Now there is more reason for you to visit us in cleveland...we have a small group here...all from delhi and we just talk about there all the time. A and I plan to go back and settled there.Wil go and watch the movie now.